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Second hand findings


Finally I had a reason to bike into town today so I could check out my second hand stores. I didn´t buy the book The garden as a hobby because of its content as you have understood by now, but for its cover. And another tray to add to my tray collection. Primus the dog was very interested.

All work, People

Nature is fantastic


I´m a lousy gardener so I´m so impressed that the flowers keep coming up year efter year. Last year I went to a garden centre and I tried to be someone who knew what I was talking about. I went to an employee and asked -Are these flowers herbaceous perennial plants or one year-olds? -They are plastic flowers she answered. True story. Here are some buns in my garden. By the way, the weather forecast was right, we had our first real summer day today.


And some more findings


I was so lucky when I found the Christmas plates and the bowl. Even if I don´t look forward to winter right now I´ll be happy when I will set the table with them. God, I sound like an old housewife.