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A rerun

Last year I did these illustrations before going on vacation and I realize that nothing has changed. I want to do the exact same things this summer. In a couple of days I´m going away for the summer. I´m going to post on my blog now end then; when I have found something fun on a flea market or want to show something else that inspires me. But it will not be on a daily basis, it doesn´t happen that much on the countryside. But later on we´re going to Provence, I´m really looking forward to that.

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Flowers everywhere; in my garden, window, on my kitchen stuff.

At the bottom – an old pattern I did for Apoteket.

For everyone with green fingers (not me), make a trip to Zeta, it is wonderful.

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Have a nice holiday!

This is what I intend to do from now on and this will be my last post for a while. Tomorrow I´m packing the car and heading for the countryside. I don´t have internet there which I know feels a bit medieval but if I do the flea market finding of my life I promise I will try to upload something from my father´s computer (he has a place in the same village and is more up to date than me).

I really hope that you will return in August. Til then, have a nice summer wherever you are.