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I am painting a lot of nesting dolls right now. I absolutely LOVE to sit at the kitchen table and paint and listen to the radio. My ultimate comfort zone.

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I got this image from Anne Kristin Hagesæther, friend and illustrator from Norway. We once traded posters and now mine is on the wall in her daughter´s room. Unfortunately hers is in my summerhouse so I can´t show you that one, but more of her work here.

It made me think of how important it is always to have an ongoing project beside all assignments. I might have written about it before, but it is my first advice when I get questions from students who want tips. Belove: more italian posters, acrylic portraits and wood figures; all projects that have lead to exhibitions.

What shall I do now? Any tips?

Wood figures

Some woodpieces

This is NOT a post about me being fantastic but I must say that it is more fun to give than to get. When I met some friends earlier this week friend A said that she still was a bit frustrated that she forgot to place a bid when I had my auction. Friend B said that she still was a bit angry (with a twinkle in her eye) at friend A because she took the pig infront of her nose when I had my exhibition. Today we went out for coffee and I gave friend B a newly made pig and friend A got a piece similar to the one she missed. Lovely to see their faces.

I have 50 posts left to 1 000 posts, then it´s going to be Give-away-Bonanza!



Regarding my last post; I sell this couple to the highest bid and then I will donate the money to the Red cross (I will post my deposit receipt later on). If you don´t want to leave your real name when you write a comment, use whatever name and then e-mail me when it is closed. I will have this post until Sunday 6 PM. I know that I´m not selling Picasso work here but every little helps. So, what do we have, do I hear €30? €40?

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I have started to see a pattern of how I react; I feel so sorry for the Japanese people and worried about the damaged nuclear power plant. When I go around with worries in my stomach, I alway bring colors and brushes out so I can sit calm and restful by the kitchentable and think.