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A wonderful work year



A big book for Marcel & Joachim.




Work for OMM Design.muggmm

Work for the Modern Museum.


A book for Les Grandes Personnes.


A series of wallpapers for Photowall.


Cards for Lagom Design.

Going through 2015 I realize I have had another wonderful work year. I love my job SO much and I am looking forward to posting more fun work during 2016. I will show you some things soon I´ve been working on this year; a wonderful collaboration that will be released in January, another one in February, books in March etc….


All work, Cards

Happy birthday blog!

I´ve had this blog for six years today! I know that the updating was more regular the first years and that it now can pass a week between posts. Instagram stole the attention. That medium is so good for uploading pics everyday, sometimes several times a day. But I still want to keep this blog. It is good to have when I want to write  and show more of something. I hope you still pop by now and then.

Pics: cards I´ve done for Lagom design over the years.

Instagram: ingelaparrhenius