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I´ve been out in the archipelago with some of my best friends Friday to Saturday. We realized we had so much to catch up that a dinner out wouldn´t be enough. So we met up Friday afternoon and talked at the bus, on the the boat, while we were taking a walk, talking at the hotel room, during dinner, at breakfast, on the boat back, in the car and now I´m back home and will keep quiet.


Here we go again

This happens every year. How come we never understand when it is time to store the garden furniture? It feels like yesterday it was a warm summer evening and we sat there with a cold beer.

I LOVE the design of the 50´s but not the perception of women though.

Inspiration, Various


Went into town today in this freezing weather for a meeting and a nice lunch. And of course I found two nice vintage books. I don´t think my boys want to sew dolls with me though.