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wood block figures

Wood figures

Wood block figures

I´m having an exhibition later this year that is going to be more focused on my proffesional assignments. But since one part of me always wants to do stuff beside the assignments I want to show that aswell. That´s why I´ve done some new wood block figures that can stand in a corner.

Wood figures

Bridal couple

I´ve done a bridal couple for a friend who got married the other day. His wife asked me to do them so she could give them as a gift. Where you surprised, Niklas?

Various, Wood figures

Wonderful weekend

The weekend is over and it was perfect and SO nice. Since it is a bit far out from Stockholm I was happy that many of my friends took their time and came. The wheater was like a hot summer day and that it how it shall be in a small village in the archipelago. I spent 4-5 hours baking on Friday so everyone could have a coffee break aswell. I sold about 65 of the figures and the remaining ones will keep me company at work. I will take a photo to show which ones are left so if you like someone in particular, you can come by and have a coffee and buy one:-) And I will also check shipping rates.

Wood figures

A book maybe

I´m thinking of doing a little book with my figures. If people come to the exhibition and I do sell some, it´s fun to have a memory of this project so today I ´ve been shooting pictures.