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Astrological signs

Here are some astrological signs I did for a health magazine a couple of years ago. From the top and then clockwise: The Water Bearer, The Ram, The Fishes, The Scorpion, The Scales, The Virgin and The Archer in the middle.

If I am healthy? Well, check this out (in the end; it´s me finishing a 10K-race last Sunday. I am the one that looks like I´m suffering and have a scarf around the belly because I got too warm. But hey, I did it under an hour).

All work, People

A nice old job

A couple of years ago I had a nice job for You Magazine. Every week for a year I did an illustration for a health chronicle. It was great fun to challenge oneself and come up with a new and smashing idea every week. And I learned that oily fish and nuts are good for you.