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Todays findings

I´m still cleaning out boxes and closets and today I found this piece of fabric that I had forgotten that I have. I´ve bought many pieces throughout the years and I always forget where I put them. And I found my remaining portraits that have been missing since the exhibition (the four here are paintings that aren´t in the book because I made them when the book was done). I keep telling my husband that I´m an organized person but he doesn´t agree. Maybe I don´t know WHERE I put stuff but I know that they are SOMEWHERE and that´s enough.

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Crispy colours

The colours outside are so crispy now beginning of May. And with the new dog I´m outside earlier than I wish but at that time it´s really nice if it´s a sunny morning. When I started working as an illustrator my color scale was more umbra/sienna/brownish. I´ve become more crispy over the years. But this poster is a bit more colorful then I usually work. In my heart I´m still red ochre.

Another one from the Bologna-posters.

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Astrological signs

Here are some astrological signs I did for a health magazine a couple of years ago. From the top and then clockwise: The Water Bearer, The Ram, The Fishes, The Scorpion, The Scales, The Virgin and The Archer in the middle.

If I am healthy? Well, check this out (in the end; it´s me finishing a 10K-race last Sunday. I am the one that looks like I´m suffering and have a scarf around the belly because I got too warm. But hey, I did it under an hour).