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Sushi time

10.35 a.m and I´m already hungry. I have started to exercise a little bit more since I shall do a Triathlon later this summer, crazy decision I know, which means I´m craving for something all the time. I have to bake myself some powerbars. Maybe it will be sushi today.

Another teaser from the new 2D-puzzle.

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Sushi Friday

”Creature of habit” is what I got when I wanted to know the word for being a person who likes routines. That´s me and my family. It is sushi every other Friday. But maybe we will be wild and crazy tonight and barbeque instead. We´ll see..

Wood figures

The remains

Here are the ones left. That sounds sad – the leftovers. In fact, some of them are my favorites. And I still have cookies so come by, have a cookie and a wood block figure:-) If someone e-mails me and reserve one I will do a black cross on it (on the photo, not the real one…).