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My family and camera are gone for a while so I have time to dust but can´t take photos. Here are some things I found while cleaning. Photos taken with my mobile therefor not so good quality.


And some more findings


I was so lucky when I found the Christmas plates and the bowl. Even if I don´t look forward to winter right now I´ll be happy when I will set the table with them. God, I sound like an old housewife.


More pics from Hälsingland




First of all, the word LOPPIS means flea market. Anyway, we took Tidernas väg most of the times and along that way there were many handpainted signs with the word LOPPIS on it. The best one was in Lottefors. If you go there, stop at Sörens who knows a lot about all the great swedish designers from the 50´s. Then we went to places in Röste, Ismyra, Ockelbo, Kilafors, Ljusdal, Söderhamn, Bollnäs, Gysing etc. In Färila we met Torbjörn who has an antique store, an antiquarian bookshop and an art museum. We stayed over at two wonderful youth hostels that we booked along the way. This one for example.