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New times


After eight years I am leaving the lovely freelance group Maggan in Enskede.
Since I have moved to Södermalm in Stockholm I wanted a studio closer and now I have found one.
In October I am changing studio and I will now have my own at Åsögatan in Stockholm!


New shelves

No matter how many new shelves I have in my studio, it takes ten minutes to fill them with stuff. I am now forbidden to visit fleamarkets and antiquarian bookstores. And this is not where I have all my books, I have another room in my studio…


Detail pic/2

As you may have noticed I haven´t really started working yet. I´m just popping into my studio half an hour now and then. The 10 week summer holidays ends in the middle of next week and I feel that the whole family looks forward to it.

Bottle illustration by Bartalos. I bought it 15 years ago in New York.