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My youngest son is practicing handwriting. I remember I loved writing letters until they looked (in my opinion) perfect when I was a child. My husband think that is so geeky. And I still love letters.

Illustrations by Inger and Lasse Sandberg and Stig Lindberg.

All work, Patterns

My waxcloth

My dear neighbour Åsa bought my waxcloth at the flea market the other day (I designed it 12 years ago and sold it Designtorget). So I went over to take a photo of it. Since she´s a stylist the coffee was served in nice cups of course. And I had to take som pics inside aswell. Everywhere there are nice things, like small stillife. I have to go back some day to shoot some more pics.


Trip pics

Today I went to Grafikens Hus in Mariefred to see a Karin Mamma Andersson exhibition. On our way back we passed some flea markets I´ve never been to and they were really good. I found this nice piece of fabrics (above) and some ceramics (below). The painting on the card is by Jockum Nordström.

Jesper, who was more interested to play on my mobile than looking at the art, did find the nutcracker.