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Lovely drawings

I got the sweetest mail today from a mom whose nine year old daughter is inpired by my book and makes drawings from it (above). And inspired by these wonderful drawings, my son who was home sick today made a couple aswell. I LOVE childrens´drawings, and to be honest, aren´t they always better?


My old portraits

Do you remember my portraits? Two years ago I had an exhibition where I had painted 167 small portraits. Today I brought the remains out because a friend of mine is going to choose four.

By the way, I found this link today where you can go and check old masterpieces out really closely. That is fun.

My portraits don´t look more impressive the closer you get:-).

All work

600th post giveaway

2-D puzzle that will be done during March.

A cut-out game, two sheets of paper so that you can do your own box.

My exhibition-book with 142 portraits.

A 50×70 poster

Inspired by Deborah I also wanted to celebrate! I realized that I´ve done 600 posts today since the start in October 2008 and I´m so glad I started my blog, it´s inspiring to have a place to show things I like and my own work. And to get comments from you nice people. Next project is to start some kind of web shop later this year and to produce products for that. This is what I got right now so choose something and leave a comment. I´ll put all the names in a hat next Friday and pick a name. Then you can e-mail me your adress and I will make  a package.

Paintings, Wood figures

See you in a week!

Up: My latest wood figure and a fleamarket finding from Gysinge.

In the middle: One of the five portraits that will be seen at Vårsalongen that opens January 29.

Down: One of all old record covers I bought to get inspiration for my portraits. Aren´t these guys just wonderful?

Now I will be gone for almost a week (skiing) and I will be back for the vernissage at Liljevalchs the 29th.

Paintings, Various

Pics from a nice Friday

First I packed my paintings because today was the final day to leave the artwork at the museum. Vårsalongen starts January 29th next year.

After dropping them off at the museum I went to Sturehof and had lunch with some friends whom I´ve shared studio with before. We came to talk about animation and about these opening titles that I had missed: