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Wood figures

Some woodpieces

This is NOT a post about me being fantastic but I must say that it is more fun to give than to get. When I met some friends earlier this week friend A said that she still was a bit frustrated that she forgot to place a bid when I had my auction. Friend B said that she still was a bit angry (with a twinkle in her eye) at friend A because she took the pig infront of her nose when I had my exhibition. Today we went out for coffee and I gave friend B a newly made pig and friend A got a piece similar to the one she missed. Lovely to see their faces.

I have 50 posts left to 1 000 posts, then it´s going to be Give-away-Bonanza!

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Plush toys

I´ve designed plush toys for a Korean company. I will post better images and more info later on; where and when the will be out in stores etc. But I think they turned out really well. Below you can see my drafts, ordinary and baby version.