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Mikaela and Sylvia

THANK YOU for all the tips, you are all so nice! It would have been wonderful to send my prints to all of you but I don´t have that many I´m afraid. I draw TWO (beacause I had two sets of cards here) winners randomly (it had nothing to do with the tips, they were all very good) and Mikaela and Sylvia won. Can you e-mail me your adresses and I will put the cards in the mail!

All work

Paris and give away-time!

I am going to Paris in less than a month and if anyone still hangs in here (and not only on Instagram), please leave me a tip on what not to miss (I am going with my book-crazy father and photo-crazy brother). Bookstores, antiquarian bookstores, museums, design stores, nice areas, fleamarkets and secondhand stores-tips are highly appreciated.

After a week I will put all the tips in a hat and randomly draw a winner who will win this set of mini prints (photo by Sofia at Mokkasin)!

Bring it on!