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My Pixi-book

More images from my little Pixi-book. The title (I wish I was an octopus) is a sentence that my oldest son said when my youngest son was new born (nine years ago) and I couldn´t play with him as before.

I wish I was an octopus, then I could do it by myself he said. Thank you for the idea, dear Johan.

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On top an ad for the Pixi-boxes I´ve designed. And if you look closely, the Animal-box contains a book I´ve made. They will be out after the summer. I did this book ages ago when my youngest son was born. My oldest son was four and wanted to play. ”-I can´t play right now, I have to look after your little brother.” ”-Aargh, I wish I was an octopus, then I could play with a lot of stuff at the same time”. The kids have the best ideas!

All work, Children's

Need to do my hair

It´s been ages since I went to the hairdresser. My mother says I look like Kristina Lugn (swedish poet and dramatist) when I don´t go. And by the way, I´m going away to see a play by her tonight. Let´s see if someone thanks ME afterwards.

Illustration for a children´s book.