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New York


New York!

New York! I´ve been here for three days now, running around like crazy saying WOW! all the time. Today we are moving out to Brooklyn and today we are visiting illustrators!

The image from the roof is together with Jennifer Jansch, founder of Bag-All.


New York

In May I am going to Brooklyn, New York to have an exhibition together with two other illustrators; Maria Raymondsdotter and Yunmee Kyong. It´s going to be so much fun and I will tell you more about it later. The exhibition will take place at Lotta Jansdotter studio. Anyway, during our stay we will try to visit inspiring illustrators, or even better, illustrator studios/workshops shared by several illustrators. Does anyone have a tip about that? Inspiring places to visit? One dream is to visit Maira Kalman.