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OMM Design

I have done new work for OMM Design; nesting dolls, a new Memory-game and cards. Many people seem to think that OMM is my company but that is not the case. I design for them and they are very involved in the design-process and then they are the producer. Retailer, if you are interested in their products, please contact Ami:


Fleamarket time

The bookfair in Gothenburg is very intense so yesterday a couple of friends and I left it for a couple of hours and went to a fleamarket. I can´t remember the name now but it is open twice a week so it was an experience to see the line of people waiting to rush in. I managed to do some findings. I love the small plates by Peynet and I LOVE Google; I had never seen them before but you can see more here. And it looks like a got them very cheap.

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I´ve used one of these sites where you can create your own photo album, calender etc. This site also had memory games so I did this with my A-Z illustrations.


Memory games

It is old memory games like this that inspire to to my own game. I really hope I will have time to do it this fall. No, I don´t hope, I WILL do it, it´s just a matter of prioritizing. I have to go and call the printing house, bye for now.