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kreativ blogger award


Kreativ Blogger Award

I got this Kreativ Blogger Award from Lara Brehm. Now I shall name 7 things I love and then pass it on. I don´t really know how I shall do that (I´m quite new in the blogsphere) so instead I will finish this post with 7 nice blogs.

7 things that I love:

1: My husband and two boys.

2: My extended family.

3: Contrast in life: I love sitting with a glass of rosé, smoking a cigarette, looking at people from a bistrot-table in Paris (I´m a francophile). But at the same time, I love running. I could never be just a healthy person, I need that other side aswell. And for the record, I´m just a party smoker.

4: I love my country house. It´s 200 years old and has electricity but nothing more. Being there during the summer, having no obligations and no comfort is lovely. Sitting with a cup of coffee (a vintage cup of course) and a crossword looking out over the little village..

5: Flea markets and second hand stores. I love books and stuff from the 50´s to the 70´s. Walking around and finding something special for no money at all, I looove.

6: My proffession.

7: My dog I hope, he arrives in 4 weeks.

7 nice blogs:

Oops, that was 8.