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Some old illustrations for a pharmaceutical company but a good day to post it since I had to go see a doctor today. I have crick/lumbago (my dictionnary says) and it will take a couple of weeks to get better. Ryggskott in Swedish. Now I can only stand up and lay down so my posts on this blog will continue to be a bit sporadic during the summer.

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A nightmare before Christmas

Here comes a greeting from the Swedish alps. The day before Christmas I was hit really bad from behind while I was downhill skiing. I lost my memory, got a brain concussion and had to go to the hospital for x-ray and spent the night there. In the ambulance I first tried to remember all my familymembers and relatives, my friends and where I lived. And after that I tried to remember Illustrator; copy, paste etc. So here´s an image to prove that I´ve got my memory back.