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..I´ve made over the years. One of them is made 16 years ago so it isn´t exactly my most recent work. Anyway, I´m leaving for the annual bookfair in Gothenburg and will be away four days so see you next week. Have a nice weekend!


A Swedish star

Don´t miss this. I don´t understand so much but I think that Olle Eksells´ illustrations has turned in to several animated episodes shown on a japanese TV channel. Olle Eksell was a graphic designer and illustrator, one of our best!

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Bookbinders Design

I´ve been privileged to work with Bookbinders Design who produces quality-handcrafted products such as notebooks, notepads, photo albums, diaries and boxes. In a month my work will be out in stores and on line. It will be notebooks, notepads, cards, wrapping-paper and bookmarks. Another illustrator from my agency, Cornelia Waldersten, has also done a set. I´ll let you know when they are out and then I can show more photos.