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600th post giveaway

2-D puzzle that will be done during March.

A cut-out game, two sheets of paper so that you can do your own box.

My exhibition-book with 142 portraits.

A 50×70 poster

Inspired by Deborah I also wanted to celebrate! I realized that I´ve done 600 posts today since the start in October 2008 and I´m so glad I started my blog, it´s inspiring to have a place to show things I like and my own work. And to get comments from you nice people. Next project is to start some kind of web shop later this year and to produce products for that. This is what I got right now so choose something and leave a comment. I´ll put all the names in a hat next Friday and pick a name. Then you can e-mail me your adress and I will make  a package.