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Nice old cover from a fleamarket.

By the way, I´m so impressed by all the proffessional bloggers. I don´t really understand how they all have time to be so updated with everything that is happening out there. If you start looking at one blog you can be totally lost be clicking on the next one and the next…

This one is wonderful for example.


On the flea road again

Friend and author of some of my children´s book, Caroline Bruce, is traditionally visiting the countryside with her family. Every time she´s here we take a little fleamarket tour. Here are my findings.


Another flea market visit

Saturday is flea market day at the countryside so today we took a little tour again, my sister-in-law, my friend Åsa and I. I am very pleased that I found the plates since my mission this summer is to find many differnet patterned plates. Åsa found the single cover with the dancing couple to give to her illustrator husband Pontus. I tryed to trade it but it didn´t work ;-).


Esquire Cookbook


As I´ve said before I always look for old cookbooks when I go to antiquarian book shops. The old ones, from the 50´s, often has nice covers and if you´re lucky, they are also illustrated inside. And this one is my favorite of all my cookbooks.

But I don´t like to cook, I´m lucky to have a husband who does that.