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I feel that I am quite sure of my style and taste, but sometimes I find stuff at flea markets that makes me unsure. Do I like this or is it kitschy? Like the red little bowl above that I found in a second hand store the other day. But I do like my monkey from Muji and my old coffee cup. Which makes me long for all the summerish fleamarket races.

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An ordinary day

I started the day with a bikeride in to town because I had to leave my book-keeping to the accountant. Such a relief to be done with some paper works. Then I stopped by Stadsmissionen/Nytorget and there I found a tray, a couple of nice coffee cups and a little table cloth. My friend Cattis has made the design for Sofo Bread Shop so I had to pick up some sour bread on my way home. Then I walked the dog. A good day so far.