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This morning me and my dog ran into a couple of camels and realized there was a circus in town (sorry for the lousy pic, I am the last person in the world not having a smart phone or Iphone or whatever you should have). It made me think of how obsessed I´ve been with this subject the last years (and another product is coming after the summer that I can´t show yet). Well, all artists have to go through a period like this I guess:-)

Plate under production, poster for Happy Spaces, poster for OMM Design, nestingdolls for OMM Design, card for Lagom, my own wood block figures, sleeping sheets for Åhléns, packaging for Choglad.

Wood figures

Wood block figures

I´m having an exhibition later this year that is going to be more focused on my proffesional assignments. But since one part of me always wants to do stuff beside the assignments I want to show that aswell. That´s why I´ve done some new wood block figures that can stand in a corner.

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The nesting dolls

The nesting dolls are under production and will be done in June. I got to borrow the samples so I can have them in my window and start promoting them. Now when we have moved around in the studio, me and graphic designer Eva Lindeberg have our own part. We have a door out so we can sell thing as well, so it´s not only where we work, it can also be a little shop if we want to.