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Pics from this weekend

I had a lovely weekend in Mörtfors/Småland. Very inspiring.

We went to several flea markets. I bought the little donkey, wonderful children´s books and coffe cups. Lena had a good day and filled the luggage space. I warmly recommend Tre Århundraden in Berga, an antique store and café.

And some pics from the village and Lena and Jakobs studio.

All work, Posters

Poster for Galleri Aguéli

After my exhibition with my italian posters I had a couple of years ago, the gallery wanted to have an ”Yes, we´re open” poster in the same style, so now they have one. I like to work like this. It´s a bit less naive than I usually do my images.


Personal art buyer

I spent New Years Eve at one of my best friends place. She has always bought something from me when I´ve had exhibitions. The first one was in -96 where I had paintings I did after a trip to Nice (the painting with the three men), the second exhibition was in -06 when I did 16 posters on an italian theme (she bought these two ones) and the third one was this October when I had the exhibition with all the german actors when she bought 16 portraits. She´s my ”maecenas”!