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One more

I have to finish my husbands book this week so I´m working hard.

And I have these ones beside me since we now have an Advent Calendar in our window.

Books, Children's

Work in progress

I´m working on a b/w children´s book (9-11 year-old) for Rabén & Sjögren that my husband has written. It takes place in a suburb so I´ve been out taking photos and will do it in a collage style. It´s differnet from how I usually work so it´s quite a challenge but I think it will fit the target group.

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I share my studio with 10 other people; journalists, graphic designers, illustrators and writers. The studio was some kind of shop a long time ago so we have big windows. Now everyone has done their own interpretation of spring (a word and a thing) and tomorrow we are going to decorate the windows. Here´s mine: the V stands for vår (spring in swedish) and the word is song. When I woke up the other night the birds were singing like crazy.

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Healthy yoghurt

When I went to the grocer´s store yesterday I had to buy some healthy yoghurt because I´ve done the illustration on the back of the package. Now when I have I my one site I have to go out and hunt up all things I´ve done something for. But I will have it for breakfast aswell.