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Things I´m working on.

Now I´m going away again, this time a couple of days up north because of family business. We will start early because I´ve forced my parents to agree to stop everytime I see a LOPPIS-sign (flea market). My father looks forward to it because he loves old books but my mother isn´t that thrilled…

All work, Posters

Crispy colours

The colours outside are so crispy now beginning of May. And with the new dog I´m outside earlier than I wish but at that time it´s really nice if it´s a sunny morning. When I started working as an illustrator my color scale was more umbra/sienna/brownish. I´ve become more crispy over the years. But this poster is a bit more colorful then I usually work. In my heart I´m still red ochre.

Another one from the Bologna-posters.