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Alfa Antikvariat

I went by Stockholm´s best antiquarian book-shop today, Alfa Antikvariat. It is big and extremly well-sorted and the staff has aprons, fabric gloves and circular glasses. I like that kind of seriousity. And you always find nice books. I don´t have my camera today so here are some mobile pics.


Old fact book

I sometimes think of the giant assignments that illustrators in the past had. I have several old fact books on the theme ”Our world” where the whole world and the society are pictured. I wonder how they did, I mean they didn´t have Google if they wanted to know how an armadillo looked like.


Cook books

One thing that I would like to do someday is to illustrate a cook book. Any editor out there reading my blog:-)?

Two small cook books (with relief print on plastic cover) I found in the best antiquarian book shop in Stockholm, Alfa.


Gold print

Some images from an old children´s book; Merry Cherry with drawings by Ib Antoni that I found in Copenhagen many years ago. One of the colours is gold and it looks wonderful. I´m working on some cards right now that are going to be silkscreened. I hope one of the colours could be gold.