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Pics from a nice Friday

First I packed my paintings because today was the final day to leave the artwork at the museum. Vårsalongen starts January 29th next year.

After dropping them off at the museum I went to Sturehof and had lunch with some friends whom I´ve shared studio with before. We came to talk about animation and about these opening titles that I had missed:

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17 years as an illustrator

…makes a lot of reference copies. I went by my old studio the other day, Stockholm Illustration, because I still had stuff there that I had to pick up. Most of the work shown in this post are at least ten years old and both my assignments and style have changed a bit. I used to work a lot with daily papers and magazines before and today it is more product and design assignments.



I have a painting project growing in my mind and I hope to get started soon. I haven´t done anything since I painted all the portraits and I hope I will be able to find time. 1995 I went on a scholarship to Kavallahuset in Greece and stayed for 6 weeks. I had all time in the world to start to paint a little bit. That was wonderful and I can warmly recommend it.

Here are paintings from back then.

This is really inspiring.