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Åsa at the nice store Jag leker träd in Västertorp e-mailed me the other day to tell that is was a flea market there today. Of course I went and found the nice Domino at the bottom (that I already have but you can´t get enough of these old games with lovely illustrations). I will put them in a frame I think.


Old covers again

…from a fleamarket. This Sunday we will have a fleamarket here at Enskedefältet. We have cleaned out the children´s room and hope to get rid of a lot of stuff.


Another tip

Today I went to a small fleamarket in Kärrtorp (near where I live) and found some really nice things. I love the illustrations by Åke Lewert in the book Nu ska vi läsa.

And here comes a really good tip: Next Saturday there we be a BIG fleamarket in Kärrtorp Centrum. Read more here.


Flea market tour

I went on a fleamarket tour with my sister in law this Saturday. We went to small wonderful villages about an hour away from Stockholm. For all flea market lovers; Ewas loppis in Skållbo was nice. And the trunk flea market in Östhammar shall be good but we missed that one. But we found plenty of flea market signs on the road and bottom pic shows how I look when I see one.

Some of my findings below.