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Hello retailers!

My dishcloths are done and ready for sale! They are going to be sold in a package of 60 which means 20 of each motif. If you want to order again later on, you can mix the motifs how you´d like.

The price for one package is 750 SEK (EUR 84, todays´exchange rate).

The price for one package incl. postage in Sweden is 815:- SEK (excl. VAT).

The price for one package incl. postage to an EU-country is 915:- SEK (EUR 102, todays´exchange rate).

Outside EU-country, you will get an offer on the freight and handling charge.

So e-mail me if you want to place an order. Fun!

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Cats and dogs

One could almost use the expression It´s raining cats and dogs today but change it to snowing. It´s really chaotic, buses and trains are cancelled etc. I stay at home with a cup of tea. My dog is taking it easy under the kitchen table and my cat poster is in the latest issue of Hus och Hem.