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Cool Saturday

It´s  a massive snowfall all over Sweden this weekend. My husband is out sweeping snow. Later on he will go to the indoor swimming pool with my youngest son who is practising swimming and wants to get a swimming badge (you get different badges depending on what you achieve). I love this yellow one and hope he gets one. I told him to ask for two so I can get one aswell:-). It has looked the same since I was child learning to swim. Now: painting figures by the kitchen table.

Wood figures


There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. True but boring. I´m tired of my overtrousers. Maybe if I would have dressed more like this lady, winter would have felt more stylish. Enough talk about the weather.

My youngest son made a drawing of me while I was painting my lady.


Mobile pics

Unfortunately my camera is at work and I´m not. I really wanted to take pictures when I was out on the morning walk with the dog. It is still very cold and the trees are covered with white frost. We haven´t had a winter like this since I don´t know when. And this is of course better than a slushy and dark February but OH how I long for spring and to bring out my clogs.

Illustration from Harry and the Lady next door, 1960