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Todays findings

I´m still cleaning out boxes and closets and today I found this piece of fabric that I had forgotten that I have. I´ve bought many pieces throughout the years and I always forget where I put them. And I found my remaining portraits that have been missing since the exhibition (the four here are paintings that aren´t in the book because I made them when the book was done). I keep telling my husband that I´m an organized person but he doesn´t agree. Maybe I don´t know WHERE I put stuff but I know that they are SOMEWHERE and that´s enough.

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Thinking of products

I´m thinking of differnet products I could have in a small shop here at my website. One idea is to print a 70×100 poster with some of my portraits from last year. With a nice typo. That could look cool. I just have to find the CD with all the photos..