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Memory lane/2

A year ago a friend called me and said I had to by Lantliv, an interior-design magazine, because she had seen something in it that would amaze me. And I got really surprised when I saw this interior-design coverage. 16 years ago I painted a picture one night when I was angry and sad after a separation. My revenge was to make a big painting and send it to Vårsalongen (see February 18 to understand what that is). The painting was accepted and even sold. And then 15 years later it turns up in this magazine. I´m happy that the buyer still has it on the wall. The text on the picture? ”Those were the days, you *****”.


An interior-design coverage

I went to one of my best friends who lives in Sigtuna, a very picturesque town north of Stockholm, this weekend. She´s a real esthete and it´s wonderful to be in their house.

We have pretty much the same taste (her´s a bit more exclusive than mine) and she always appreciate the second hand things I buy to her. Here are some examples. We could never go on a flea market trip together (as I´ve been writing about before) because we would go for the same stuff.

And she has my portraits on the wall.