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My old portraits

Do you remember my portraits? Two years ago I had an exhibition where I had painted 167 small portraits. Today I brought the remains out because a friend of mine is going to choose four.

By the way, I found this link today where you can go and check old masterpieces out really closely. That is fun.

My portraits don´t look more impressive the closer you get:-).

Paintings, Wood figures

See you in a week!

Up: My latest wood figure and a fleamarket finding from Gysinge.

In the middle: One of the five portraits that will be seen at Vårsalongen that opens January 29.

Down: One of all old record covers I bought to get inspiration for my portraits. Aren´t these guys just wonderful?

Now I will be gone for almost a week (skiing) and I will be back for the vernissage at Liljevalchs the 29th.